"Hors d'œuvres" [3D]

Work of scenography. Creation of a TV set for a painting show, in 3D on blender.

Dans la vie d'un Imac [video]

Tutored project with the aim of highlighting the Imac course of study within the Esipe engineering school. Organization, production and communication of 11 videos in the form of interviews (including 4 within companies). The videos are to be discovered on this link

Inattention [video]

A ray of light, beautiful jewelry, and a little inattention are enough to attract a thieving hand.

Respiration [video]

A hymn to the gentle atmosphere that surrounds us. The time of a breath.

Eldorado cinema [3D]

Realization of a 50s video in 3D with the blender software. In pairs, we modeled the facade and a room of the art cinema Eldorado in Dijon. We have faithfully reproduced the room from the plan of the cinema, working on two atmospheres: the room on and the room off with only the projection line as light. We had to integrate and animate the cameras and add a sound atmosphere in order to create an animation. The video ends with the projection of the film "Mademoiselle" by Park Chan-Wook.

Tattoo [video]

This video illustrates the work of a tattoo artist friend on a major project. I had complete freedom on this project. I was free to choose the composition of the shots, the camera movements and the logo animation. This work allowed me to deal with a completely different aspect than the short film, namely a more documentary video on the beginning of this tattoo project.

Sparkling [Photography/video]

Dancing in beautiful and mysterious landscapes. Effect made with video captation of a sparkling cachet.

Computer art [processing]

The aim here was to create a processing code generating random works by trying to get as close as possible to the initial works of the artists Manfred Mohr and Frieder Nake. The random process of this art prevents us from the exact copy of their work. I then wanted to integrate the artist Mondrian in the code generating a work close to Nake's one. The interest here is the crossing and adaptation of two works between them.

Computer from hell [processing]

Frieder Nake [processing]

"Les Beaux Jours" [Photography]

Inspired by Balthus "Beaux jours". A mix of lust, poetry and melancholy. Three steps to read a painting: what we see, the beauty and the moral expression of the soul. It takes up in part the three elements constituting a tragedy according to Aristotle in The Poetics: The muthos, the ethos and the telos (the story, the character and the end).

Preljocaj [motion design]

A 40-second teaser to bring the viewer to discover the contemporary dance choreographer Angelin Preljocaj. This video includes two scenes : One of them takes a scene from his show "Les Nuits". The other takes up the advertising poster of the dance school of Preljocaj, namely "Pavillon noir". The soundtrack is taken from another work by the choreographer. It correctly represents the universe of contemporary dance by revealing the elementary and animal side of this art.